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Let's dance kizomba this winter...


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What is

Kizomba is a music and dance genre that originally evolved in Portuguese speaking african (palop) countries... Read more

Kizomba spread quickly and settled down in Europe, and other parts of the world. We are happy to empower kizomba dance and culture in Iceland since 2015. 


Collective lessons have a fun and social format while providing a relaxing environment in which to learn these dances, meet new people and make friends. We focus on a course program which is designed for student progress once you book a 6 weeks course.

Kizomba social

We organize regular social kizomba nights in Reykjavik. You are not learning kizomba to only practice in a dance studio. Dancing in social nights is also a part of your improvement. Kizomba nights will happen after the classes on Wednesday.
Check our events facebook page to see if it's rolling...


K-Iceland Festival is the only kizomba festival in Iceland and it's also the northernmost on Earth! 
It ran between 2017-2019 before taking a break.

It was the opportunity to learn from world-class teachers, share with a great team of taxi-dancers, dance with an international dance floor...

Hello, we are Anaïs & Georg

Founders of Kizomba is Icelandic!

Since 2015, they empower Kizomba dance and culture in Iceland.
Anaïs is an active french professional dancer and dance teacher. Georg is from Brazil. He discovered Kizomba in 2014 and has been teaching with Anaïs ever since.

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