Kizomba is Icelandic!

Social dance from Angola in Reykjavik



What is Kizomba ?

Kizomba is a dance and music genre originally from Angola.

The term "Kizomba" comes from the linguistic expression Kimbundo, which means "party".
Kizomba as a dance was born in the 80's in Luanda (Angola), after major musical influences from Zouk (Antilles) and has its original Semba, a popular Angolan music style.
Its tone is rather similar to modern zouk but not identical with it as kizomba is more syncopated and down-beat.

There are different trends, one is the Angolan kizomba (merge of semba and zouk) and kizomba from Cabo Verde, that relates for example to the European mazurka dance and that is also called Passada (merge of coladeira and zouk).
More recently a new trend appears in Europe called, Urban Kizomba. It’s danced on Ghetto Zouk music, has a lot of leg leading, also the interpretation of music and has a line technique, contains change of speed, slow interpretation of music - tarraxa, syncopation.

The music has a simple, 4/4rythm, its footwork is based on afro, that means it is danced with slightly bended knees, full feet on the ground and lose hips.

Its leading technique is similar to Argentinian Tango. From the belly button up it is tight poised, there is no isolation with shoulders or chest and men lead mainly with their chest movements.
The dance itself is characterized by light and continuous walking.

Kizomba’s popularity is growing rapidly in Europe, and other parts of the world. We are happy to be involved in introducing it in Iceland.

Who We Are

Anaïs + Georg


Anaïs comes from France and before being a kizomba instructor, she's also a contemporary dancer. She discovered kizomba in 2011 through the salsa social nights she used to go, and she got involved in kizomba dance very quickly.
She went to many festivals around the world and began to teach in 2013 in France, Toulouse with Alphonse Delette (actual partner of Mafalda Amado). She shared her teaching with other kizomba instructors like Kristofer Mencak (Sweden, Stockholm) and Greg Martin (Sweden, Gotenburg), Fred Haziza (France,Sweden). She is teaching in Reykjavik since 2015 with her partner Georg Leite.
Georg is from Brazil. He discovered Kizomba in 2014. He attended private courses with Greg Martin (Sweden) and traveled to many festivals in Europe.

They are organizing the northernmost Kizomba Festival, K-Iceland Festival Reyjavik. The third edition will take place in Sept 13.-15., 2019.





Collective lessons have a fun and social format while providing a relaxing environment in which to learn these dances, meet new people and make friends. We focus on a course program which is designed for student progress once you book a 8 classes course.

Private coaching is ideal if you want the space to really focus on key aspects of the dance style, improve your technique and master the movement faster. The instructor will work closely with the student to develop a bespoke program that fits the student's development.


All around the year, we organize workshops receiving international teachers from the kizomba scene with a real pedagogy and a love for transmission. Over a weekend, you can meet another approach of the dance, another energy.

We organize regular social kizomba nights in Reykjavik. You are not learning kizomba to only practise in a dance studio. Dancing in social nights is also a part of your improvement. Kizomba nights are generally each other week on thursday or monday. Check the events on our facebook page to see if it's rolling...

K-Iceland Festival is the only kizomba festival in Iceland and it's also the northernmost on Earth! 
Come to experience the energy Iceland has to give to you, learn from world-class teachers, share with a great team of taxi-dancers, dance with an international dance floor...



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